Secretary’s Message


Secretary’s Message

Our 15 years of working with unprivileged has given us immense strength to work more vigorously for the up-liftement of un-served and unheard part of the community. Our vision to serve the community has not been an easy task for the team. It always requires firm faith in work and commitment to serve the poor households.

Our team has demonstrated their ability and I am happy to say that we have reached 25000 poor households covering 550 villages in three districts of Bihar. I congratulate my team which work tirelessly and reach to the community without having any complain. I thank the Board members who have been continuously supporting and giving regular guidelines to make our efforts more focused and effective. I take the opportunity to thank the Banks, Financial Institutions who trusted CDOT work and giving us continuous support to achieve our goal.

CDOT is a value based organization and I take pride in saying that we believe in it and work accordingly. Last year has been a turbulence year when Micro finance work suffered a lot. It may have positive and negative effect on the whole micro finance work but CDOT work has not been affected and we maintained the portfolio quality and continuous growth. The main reason behind is our relation with client, which is very mature and strong.

CDOT is growing organically and gradually we are building the team and strengthening the process and system to reach more untouched part of Bihar. At the same time we are demonstrating to other institutions and trying to build it. Apart from MF work we have worked very significantly into livelihood and other developmental projects. We have been able to bring in 70 Acres of land under organic pesticide through our UNDP project. We are also working on the issue of environment protection and plantation.

Our Animal husbandry care centre is working in excellent way and serving to the poor dairy farmers and helping them to augment the surplus which used to drain out in cattle treatment. Last year we had many new relations with organizations like Reach India, Pan IIT etc. Our efforts to provide employment to rural youth is picking up. And hopefully we will be able to demonstrate a good model for it also. Every day we are becoming more focused and strong to reach the larger mass and serve the community. We have to go a long way where poor have a choice to make their living and we are and will be always there to facilitate.

Last but not the least I thank all the funders and persons associated with CDOT in any form for believing CDOT. I hope in coming years too we will set new milestones which can reflect into strengthening the poor families and empowering the women. I thank all 25000 women who are with us and improving their income and quality of life.