Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Over a billion people in India, even today, lack access to electricity.

Clean and Green energy is one of the need of hour. Despite having abundance of sunlight the dependency of conventional energy is very high. In villages still light is one of the requirement and it creates lot of changes in family related to women and child. Often there is no light at the time of study resulting into poor performance. And the light from kerosene or other things is very harmful.

But the problem in villages is affordability. Despite the fact the women are ready to use clean energy sources but their capability to buy the product is very difficult. So we started the solar loan and we got support from some financial institutions as well for the promotion of solar light in villages.

It is very popular also as technology matured and different type of products came to market suited the need of villagers.

Since the year 2012 covering 800 families with solar lamp loan facilities, with DIYA VIKASH as technical partner and MILAP as funder with a company named D-LITE since 2013 with TERI, O’NERGY and SUN KING till today.