Micro Insurance

Micro Insurance

Insurance is one of the integral part of micro finance activities. However CDOT looks into differently and we try to inform and aware the community about the risks and how insurance can protect from risk. CDOT is working on different risk mitigation through products like

  • Loan Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Cattle Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Housing Insurance

CDOT has worked with many number of insurance agencies. We have 67,232 customers directly linked with our insurance scheme. The major problems in villages is servicing of insurance. Apart from health insurance where the process to claim is very cumbersome we have been able to deliver the products and service the Insurance to their door step.

Still in Bihar the insurance coverage is less than 22% which is very dismal. We are trying to work out on strategy where we can mobilize the community and aware them. Mostly people think Insurance as a burden, though it is very essential. Our continuous endeavor will help to deliver product and cover more number of uncovered mass under insurance.

We have worked with Bajaj, Max Bupa, LIC, Kotak, DHFL etc.